Search Engine Penalty Recovery

Google Penalty Recovery will help restore your rankings and traffic. Has your website has seen a sudden drop in traffic? Have you noticed that your site no longer appears in google search results? If so, your site has most likely suffered a Google penalty. We have experience helping websites recover from algorithm penalties. We’ve helped websites recover from Penguin penalties, Panda penalties, and Manual webspam penalties.


Panda Penalty

A Penalty which is meant to prevent sites with low quality or thin content from appearing in search rankings.

Penguin Penalty

Penguin penalties are intended to prevent sites from ranking if they use or have used ``black hat`` SEO techniques.

Manual Action

Manual Action penalties are applied by the webspam team. They can be applied for a variety of reasons.

Recover From Panda and Penguin Penalties.

Two of the most common penalties which hurt websites are Penguin penalties and Panda penalties. These penalties are applied automatically through Googles search algorithm. Because they are applied automatically, no notice is given to sites or webmasters that they have been penalized. You have seen a sudden loss of traffic or can no longer find your website in search rankings. Our Google Penalty Recovery Service can help you recover from search algorithm penalties like those from Penguin and Panda.

Recover From Google Manual Action Penalties.

Most penalties are applied automatically by the search algorithm. Manual webspam actions, AKA penalties, happen after a manual review by the webspam team. Manual penalties can be applied to an entire website. In some cases they are applied to just one or more individual pages of a website. In order to recover from a Manual Action you should work with a company like Voxdelta. Our search penalty pro’s will make sure Google is satisfied that the issue is resolved, and will not happen in the future.


We use a transparent and straight forward process when helping site owners to recover from search engine penalties.

Complete Website Analysis

We look closely at your entire website to find all the pages and content which might be violating Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

Develop Recovery Plan

Our team will create a penalty recovery plan. It will show the changes needed to comply with Google policies.

Begin Recovery Process

We make changes to your site. We will edit and sometimes remove the content causing the site penalties.

Monitoring the Results

Penalty recovery usually takes some time. We monitor your search rankings until recovery is verified.

Voxdelta Penalty Recovery

Our SEO experts help clients who have suffered search engine penalties to fix their websites and helps them to fully recover from any penalty applied by a search engine. We provide complete service and support throughout the recovery process, so that client’s stay informed as we fix their websites. Voxdelta’s Google Penalty Recovery includes:

  • Identifying the content which led to the penalty.
  • Report outlining why the website was penalized.
  • Creating a Penalty Recovery Plan to fix the website.
  • Editing and removing content that violates policies.
  • Submitting site for review (if applicable).
  • Monitoring until penalty removal is confirmed.
Clients Say

When a site is penalized by a search engine, the effects are catastrophic. Many businesses rely on their search engine rankings to drive new business. Getting a penalty can quickly lead to lower cash flow. See what some of our clients have said about our Google Penalty Recovery work.

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