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Review of AccuRanker Keyword Rank Tracker

Recently a fellow SEO expert told me about AccuRanker. Accuranker is a tool he has been using to track keyword rankings for his clients. He highly recommended it to me, so I decided to give it a try. Since AccuRanker offers a free no obligation 14 day free trial period, there was no reason not to check it out.

Getting Started with AccuRanker

Signing up for the free 14 day trial was easy. So easy that they did not even require a credit card. After gaining access to the AccuRanker dashboard, setting up keyword tracking was fast and simple. I just input the domain I wished to track (my domain, of course), and indicated the keywords that AccuRanker should track.

The interface to choose keywords is very similar to the one used by Google AdWords, so it was very familiar to me and intelligently laid out. Once you have input the different keywords, you then can select a geographic target area. You can choose the USA as a whole (English or Spanish), and you can also select a city or county for businesses targeting a specific locale. They also give you the option to track your rankings on google, bing, or on both search engines. You can select what type of search, desktop or mobile, or choose to track rankings on both desktops and mobile devices.

 Keyword Rank Tracking Performance

The software is very good at what it does. It promises to track keyword rankings and it does exactly that. From the moment you set up a domain within your account, it will collect keyword ranking data for all keywords on a daily basis. You can also manually refresh the ranking data for any keywords at any time. You just click a simple “refresh” button. There is an overview screen which shows a useful graph titled “Ranking distribution” (seen in the image above). It shows the proportion of your keywords in various ranking positions (1-3,4-10, 11-20, 21-50, 51 or lower). Another useful feature is that you can compare the rankings of tracked keywords against up to 5 competitors websites.

On the dashboard you can check all the keywords it is tracking. It will show you each keyword’s ranking with an arrow indicating whether it has gone up or down since the previous day. It also gives a number indicating how many positions it has risen or fallen. You can change the dashboard to show you the keywords change in ranking compared to the previous week, previous month, or compared to when you first started tracking that keyword. You can filter the keywords shown by search type (desktop or mobile), search engine (google or bing), and location if you are tracking a keywords ranking in several cities or locations.

AccuRanker also integrates with 3rd party applications like Google Analytics and Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools). It can display data from social media accounts related to your domain.

Reporting with AccuRanker

AccuRanker also offers the ability to produce simple keyword reports which you can present to clients. The reports are generated as “white-label” reports without any AccuRanker branding for no additional cost. They allow you to add your business logo so client’s see your branding when they receive the report.  These reports contain the same data shown in the Accuranker dashboard. One of the best reporting features they offer is the ability to schedule reports. Scheduled reports can automatically be emailed to clients regularly.

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